Scharmach Auto Group Holiday 2020

Due to the restrictions put in place regarding COVID-19, we have created this site to celebrate the season and our staff’s accomplishments in lieu of the annual holiday party. While we recognize that nothing can replace our holiday party, we hope that this will spark joy and a sense of togetherness across our dealership family.

Thank you for your patience and perseverance throughout 2020. We appreciate every contribution, both big and small, our staff made towards our progress through the year. It’s safe to say this was not an easy year for anyone, but our dealership group is surely a testament to the fact that “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” (Helen Keller).

So this holiday season, while we cannot physically come together, we ask that every one of our employees takes this opportunity to show gratitude to one another. Sacrifice and adversity may have been overarching themes for 2020, but, at least at our company, we were able to come together and show empathy, and kindness to our staff, customers and community.

Thank you, employees of Scharmach Automotive Group, and cheers to a bright 2021!

For past holiday parties, Scharmach Automotive Group has valued giving back to our local and neighboring communities. This year, we are asking if you are able to donate,  please consider donating to the following places:  

Tacoma Humane Society,  St. Leo’s Food Connection as well as Toys for Tots. Help lend a hand and provide relief to those in need. Giving is not just about donating but making a difference. 

Employees of the Year

Jennifer Price

Jennifer Price

Seattle MINI

Jennifer has been with Scharmach Automotive Group since 2007. Primarily working in accounts receivable, her role has expanded throughout the years to encompass many other administrative tasks. Jennifer is very knowledgeable, reliable, and focused. She is always willing to jump in and help fix a problem, explain an issue, or spend extra time making things right. On numerous occasions she’s dropped everything to get a customer taken care of and can be counted on to assist in a complicated situation without complaint.

Jennifer is also the main reason we have been able to keep up with the overwhelming rules and regulations of the DOL and the state; a very important and integral aspect for our business as a dealership.  The limitations put in place due to COVID-19 have not stopped her from accomplishing her tasks or even put a hitch in her step. Time and time again Jen has proven to be an asset to the team which is why we honor her with Seattle MINI’s 2020 Employee of the Year.

Tate Franco

Tate Franco

BMW Northwest

Tate’s journey within Scharmach Automotive Group is truly one of growth and success. Tate started out in 2016 assisting in shipping and receiving for the South Sound parts departments. During her time with parts, she learned a multitude of roles and became well acquainted with all the department’s processes. In 2018, Tate transitioned into the Warranty department where she showed herself to be a quick learner and a determined employee. Tate is dependable, reliable, and motivated in addition to being well-liked by the service writers and technicians.

Tate truly shined during the COVID-19 pandemic when she was brought back in during the middle of furlough to organize Seattle MINI’s parts process, as well as help set up parts for BMW Motorcycles of Seattle, our newest addition to the group. Here, She jumped at the opportunity to be a team player and did not fuss over the shortage of pay from what she was getting on furlough. Tate truly went above and beyond for the company during a trying time and her hard work was noticed and deeply appreciated by employees and management alike. It is all these factors that brought Tate to the forefront in 2020 and led to her receiving the BMW Northwest Employee of the Year.

Jesse Sayre

Jesse Sayre

Northwest MINI

Jesse has been a NW MINI technician since 2017, but his knowledge, ability, and willingness to help extends far beyond his work in the shop. More than once Jesse has cheerfully agreed to be the face of NW MINI Service and participate in videos for the websites and social media. It’s clear that Jesse knows that, by representing the company on video, he is setting the tone for how his department is perceived and how technicians are perceived in general. It’s easy to see that he takes his role seriously and puts his best foot forward. Beyond this, he has even taken time to assist with his considerable audio, video, and technology skill to add to and improve the content the dealership puts out via its various channels.

Jesse consistently demonstrates a positive attitude, openness to others, and dedication to Northwest MINI.  He makes his desire to move up in the company clear by fostering positive relationships with the management team and using his own time to extend his knowledge of the dealership. It is these reasons that contributed to his winning of the Northwest MINI Employee of the Year.


Tenure Awards

Thank you to all of the employees who have been with us for some major milestones.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without! 

10 Years

Justin Clement

Jeff Gassen

Shawn Harris

Robert Lee

Mark Rauschert

Aaron Schrenk

Joe Wallgren

15 Years

John Carlson

Lindsey McMasters

Wade Olson

20 Years

Caesar Gordley

Robin Gowin

25 Years

Jesse Case

35 Years

Jeff Jackson