Northwest MINI Employee of the Year – Jesse Sayre

Jesse has been a NW MINI technician since 2017, but his knowledge, ability, and willingness to help extends far beyond his work in the shop. More than once Jesse has cheerfully agreed to be the face of NW MINI Service and participate in videos for the websites and social media. It’s clear that Jesse knows that, by representing the company on video, he is setting the tone for how his department is perceived and how technicians are perceived in general. It’s easy to see that he takes his role seriously and puts his best foot forward. Beyond this, he has even taken time to assist with his considerable audio, video, and technology skills to add to and improve the content the dealership puts out via its various channels.

Jesse consistently demonstrates a positive attitude, openness to others, and dedication to Northwest MINI.  He makes his desire to move up in the company clear by fostering positive relationships with the management team and using his own time to extend his knowledge of the dealership. It is these reasons that contributed to his winning of the Northwest MINI Employee of the Year.

Thank you, Jesse! We appreciate all your hard work!